Determination of Mineral Rights

Our Land and Legal Team’s success is derived from experience in many plays across the United States. When determining mineral rights we provide detailed and cost-effective reporting that ranges from Full Mineral and Leasehold ownership to drill-site abstracts and complex HBP determination. Our goal is to scale up or down on reporting, depending on the client’s objective and expectations. This allows our clients to drill wells faster and more efficiently.

Title Curative

Before any well is drilled or completed – or any divestiture and acquisition takes place – our qualified team will undergo a curative and due diligence process. We are capable of satisfying any drilling and division order the title option requires.

Lease Acquisition

Encore has extensive experience in various types of acquisition projects, including one off leasing projects, complex city limit roof top projects, State and Federal lease acquisitions, sealed bids and large divestiture acquisitions. We understand how important it is to stay under Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) and under budget. We are well equipped to keep you up to speed with weekly updates and detailed cost breakdowns of your project at any given time.



Our GIS / Mapping team provides years of experience in the aerial and surveying services. We work with the most up-to-date API, topographic and parcel data available.


Our team brings many years to the table when identifying surface locations. We are trained to recognize when a location falls within industry and client guidelines, environmental obstacles, regulatory restrictions and accessibility.


Our midstream capabilities cover a wide range of services. We procure routes and damages for flow-lines and pipelines to large Transmission lines. We also handle the required permits for State, Federal, GLO, TXDOT, and TCEQ. When it comes to our Right-of-Way agents, our team is certified capable and personable. This allows us to put our clients at ease so they have the necessary confidence in us to get the job done.


We believe effective communication is crucial with regard to surface access agreements. When working with surface owners to obtain off-lease surface locations, on lease developments, plans or subsurface easement agreements, we always establish a professional and open line of communication. Our goal is to ensure everyone is on the same page and is treated with the respect they deserve.


From the Granite Wash of Oklahoma to Eagle Ford of South Texas, our team has proven experience in purchasing seismic permits – with an without the option to lease.